Most people go to the Beach Pier to only relax or sunbathe. However, beach piers do not only have to be about sunbathing and relaxing. There are many other entertaining activities you can do.

If you are searching for an exciting and fabulous place to pass the time with your loved ones, then you might want to consider the Fort Myers Beach Pier.  It is situated at 950 Estero Boulevard Fort Myers.

Here are some of the fun activities you can find at Fort Myers Beach Pier:

Soak Up the Sun

Fort Myers Beach Pier is a great place to sunbathe and also watch the sun rise and set. With nearby restaurants, you can enjoy your drinks while relaxing and watching the boats go by and all of the people walking about.

Fishing off the Pier

If you are wanting to try fishing for the first time without prior planning or even a license, then Fort Myers Beach Pier is the right place to be.

You do not need to have a permit to fish, and every one of your needs will be catered. If you do not own a reel and rod, you can rent one for ten dollars per day.

As luck would have it, there is no need to leave your children behind because they are welcome as well. Ice creams, baits, and water toys are also available.

Grab Some Ice Cream

Getting ice cream is an excellent idea to cool down from the hot weather. Enjoy the best natural ice cream at the Fat Royal scoop, which is situated at the Fort Myers Beach between Mango Street and Fair-weather Lane.

It offers loads of different ice cream flavors that have been prepared from Bonita springs just around the corner. The flavors include banana splits, sundaes, and, among others.

Consequently, nobody will return home minus a refreshing sweet treat as there is always something for everyone.

Take Photos

Fort Myers Beach Pier is a beautiful place to take pictures at because it is encircled by white sugar sands and different beach access points. Photos are a fantabulous way of maintaining memories that matter to us.

You should keep in mind that the most opportune time to take pictures at the beach pier is during the sunrise so that the golden light can be captured.

Beach Pier at Fort Myers Beach

Fishing Pier Fort Myers Beach. Aerial view to the large white sandy beach on the Estero Island, Florida



Castle golf course is acknowledged as the most becharming place to play golf in the whole of the southwest. The game will challenge you but at the same time, have fun.

The course is medieval themed with lavish landscapes, dragons, shining armor nights, rope bridges and fog machines, among others. It is situated on the Fort Myers mainland.

Take a stroll at the Times Square

Times Square is considered the center of Fort Myers Beach.  It has a good deal of palm trees and is therefore meant for pedestrians.

Times Square is an excellent place to hang out because it also features restaurants, shops, and street performers inside. Some of those restaurants include Pete’s Time-Out, al fresco meal, or Fresh Catch Bistro. Here you will enjoy some great food options and drinks!

Time Square Fort Myers

Times Square at Fort Myers Beach, Florida


Try Some Great Beer

Fort Myers Beach Pier is a trade beer hub.  The owners of this beer hub originated from San Diego. You can take a heat break by trying out a bottle of beer

 Collect Seashells at Fort Myers Beach

There are lots of shells around Fort Myers Beach Pier, especially in the southern half of the island. Therefore, you can begin walking from the side of strand view avenue beach along the beach to the south. There are experts to help you in the identification of the shells and also to guide you.

Learn about Manatees

If you are the kind of a person that is fascinated about the local sea life, then Fort Myers Beach Pier is the right place to be.  Ostego Bay Marine Science Center can teach you and your loved ones about the unique ecology of barrier islands and estuary ecosystem environment. Here, you can learn about dolphins, sharks, and manatees, among others. There are also touch tanks, which display small living organisms for the tourists.

Watch a Baseball Game

You can head to the jet blue park during the cactus league of Florida where you can watch playing preseason ball. Most of the ballpark attributes are obtained from the Fenway Park, and they include a green monster and a manual scoreboard.

Watch Gators and Pet Stingrays

You and your company will get a chance to watch various creatures at the Hands-On Museum and Aquarium. The animal lab exhibits critters such as pythons, tree frogs, iguanas, alligators as the aquarium offers see to see tanks that allow you to touch pet stingrays, starfish, and others.

Experience a Mini Train Ride

If you enjoy train rides, you can check out Lakes Park & Gulf Railroad, which is an eighth scale railroad that passes through the lake’s north end past the villages, towns, and tunnels.

Ride Bicycles

Going for a vacation means getting physical and mental rest. It is also about trying out new things. You may also desire to take a break from the normal four-wheel and experiment a two wheel at the Fort Myers Beach Pier. The place has electric bikes, scooters, and traditional cruiser bikes to rent. It is easy and comfortable to ride a bike at the Fort Myers Beach Pier.

Take a Boat Tour

Enjoy your vacation by having an energizing trip using banana boats in the blue waters of Fort Myers Beach. Banana boats will accord you the most breathtaking experience that you will ever get in life. Every ride takes about 20 minutes, and up to six persons can sit in the boat.

Buy Some Beach Art

There is lots of different gallery display from various local artists for exhibition purposes. Grab that chance of going home with an original and affordable piece of Fort Myers Beach art.

We hope some of these ideas help you have a fabulous time at Fort Meyers Beach Pier.

Check out all of our great souvenir options and beach art here at Fort Myers Beach Pottery on your way to and from the beach!

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